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About this site
This website was launched in 2002 as a privately run hobby site primarily centered on its owner’s collection of vintage Volkswagen cars. Included was the original 2002 version of what the author boldly titled The Official Rules for Punch Buggy. It turns out that this page struck a cord! Very quickly it climbed to the top of most search engine’s lists for search strings such as Punch Buggy Rules. It has been at or very near the top for over eight years.

Because of the high (expected) kid traffic we maintain a kid safe environment. There is no cuss’n allowed and we cannot accept advertisements that would not be appropriate for grade-school aged children to view or click through to. National Geographic would be acceptable but Victoria’s Secret or various pharmaceuticals would not be.

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Why Advertise Here
Purely out of curiosity, after a recent (totally unrelated) nation-wide ad campaign was launched this author set up a SitemeterTM account for this website and found out that traffic is quite a bit higher that he’d ever dreamed. That old “Your Ad Here” ad banner that was put at the top of each page as a joke might actually be valuable to a real live advertiser.

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Anticipated Traffic
Based on two weeks traffic logged with Sitemeter the predicted traffic through this site are:

These predictions are based on this traffic log:

Distribution of the most recent 100 visitors:

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My primitive HTML website is not configured for pay per click advertising at this time. So we are limited to flat rate pay to place advertisements. There are no additional fees for page set up or administration.

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Banner Ad Configuration
Width: 700 Pixels x Height: 110 Pixels

A JPEG formatted image file is preferred. It will be placed in our images folder here at and will be called by the HTML of the page it is to appear on. An HTML ‘href’ link will link your ad to your web page.

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How To Contact Us
We can be reached by email at this address:

Advertise (at)

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